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Gas and water leaks are not only damaging to the home or building, but they are also life-threatening. Between mold exposure from water leaks and carbon monoxide poisoning from a gas leak, people need to have the proper detection methods in place. In the worst cases, a gas leak can cause explosions and destroy the entire home, placing a family at major risk.

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Along with that, people need to keep up maintenance with their heating units or water heaters that can cause health issues to the people if ignored. While we can perform a maintenance check or repair any damage, we cannot predict a gas leak when we are not at the home or building every day. Thus, we offer people a few easy methods for detecting a gas leak before the worst occurs.



With most gas leaks, people will smell sulfur or rotten eggs throughout the house. When there is enough combustible gas in the air of a home, it can react with electrical or fire appliances such as a stove top. This reaction can be catastrophic and lead to an explosion if ignored.

While there are other items that can cause similar smells, a gas leak will be strong enough to notice throughout the entire home. If this is the case, evacuate immediately and get everyone outside. Call the authorities to notify them and notify neighbors of the dangers. If it is a smaller leak, give us a call and we will offer advice on how to best proceed.


While a stove may make a hissing sound when first lighting it and using it, there should be no sound when the stove is off. If any heating device makes an unnatural sound when off or in use, call us immediately. We offer 24 hour services and will respond as soon as possible.

It is crucial to seek repair services immediately and avoid postponing any maintenance work.


If an individual feels dizzy or light headed around specific gas devices, then he or she needs to get outside immediately. If one feels better with some fresh air, there may be a small gas leak that is causing the issue. Give us a call and ensure all gas devices are off. If this is the case, then it is most likely a gas leak.

Slow gas leaks are just as dangerous as major gas leaks since they are difficult to detect and still cause just as much damage as more noticeable gas leaks. Many homes have a carbon monoxide detector to prevent this very situation.


Slow leaks are not always the easiest to detect until it is too late. While leaks can damage the walls and foundation of a building, they can also harm an individual’s health through mold exposure. With major leaks, people will detect it fairly quickly due to the mess, noise and sudden loss of water pressure throughout the building. However, slow leaks can occur in darker hard-to-reach places that people do not normally check.

The sooner one detects a water leak and seeks repairs, the better chance of preventing major damage to the foundation. Here are a few tips for catching the signs of a leak early on and preventing the worst.


Whenever someone uses a sink, shower or toilet, there will be the sound of running water through the pipes in the walls. While the water may run for a few seconds or even a minute after use, it should stop fairly quickly. If the water continues running or the individual continues to hear the sound of running water, it is important to call us and schedule an appointment.

This sound is a sign that water is continuing to run when everything is shut off and may mean that there is a leak somewhere in the building. Regardless of a leak being present, the running water will continue to hike up the price for utilities. Thus, it is best to deal with the problem early on.


If there are wet spots on the walls or floors and no one has spilled anything, then there is most likely a leak. Allowing the leak to continue or trying to dry the surface of the leak will not fix the problem. In many cases, the leak is already pretty far along at this stage and requires immediate repairs.

Call us as soon as possible since these leaks can start out small and get worse over time. It is also crucial to check in cabinets underneath the sink and throughout the kitchen to see how far the leak has spread. We have the tools and expertise to stop the leak and determine the full extent of the damage before developing the best repair plan.


If there is a foul odor near a specific area of the house for several days and nothing one does to clean the area makes it go away, then there is most likely a leak. If there is a wet spot on the floor or wall, then that is most likely the cause, especially if the leak goes undetected for several days or even weeks.

If mold begins to form, it can be dangerous to a family’s health to breathe in the mold particles day in and day out. Call us as soon as possible to schedule an appointment. We will respond as soon as we can and determine the issue before beginning repairs.

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