Reasons to Call a Heating Contractor

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Now is the right time to call a heating contractor if you are experiencing issues in your home that are causing your family to be anything but comfortable. With winter upon us, it is important to ensure that the HVAC system is functioning at optimal levels. If it is not, it may be possible to wake up one morning with the heat not functioning at all and everyone in the family getting a cold.

Signs to watch for

As a heating contractor, we get a lot of emergency calls and are happy to come out and address the issue whenever there is a problem. However, it is typically best for people to be aware of the signs and to call us ahead of time. Taking early action can help to prevent discomfort and waking up with the temperature in the house being way too cold. Some of the signs to watch for can include:

#1. Inconsistent temperature

If the thermostat shows a set temperature but the home does not feel as though it is maintaining that temperature, these inconsistencies can be a sign of a problem. For example, we regularly get calls from customers who have the thermostat at 72° but are needing to bundle up in a sweater in the morning and then are roasting hot in the afternoon.

This issue can be a sign that there is a problem with the thermostat or the actual heating unit. Thus, it is important to call and find out what is causing the problem so that we can send someone over for repairs.

#2. Strange noises

If the heating unit is making strange noises, it can be a problem with the fan or another component of the unit. Having us come out to inspect the unit and determine what is making these noises is an easy way to help identify the problem. We can help to solve a problem before that particular component stops working altogether.

#3. Strange smells

Sometimes there can be a problem with the unit because an animal crawls into the ductwork. Strange smells can result from this, so it is wise to call us if these smells are consistent. If the smells do not go away or worsen, then we will need to come to take a look.

#4. Heat not coming on

Clearly, if the heat does not come on at all, it is time to call a heating contractor right away. If the HVAC unit is run by propane it could be because the pilot light is out, something we can fix right away to restore heat. If it is an electrical unit, we will want to make sure that the power going to the unit is still active and that there are no issues with the wiring. Otherwise, if the unit itself is the problem, we will need to identify why.

#5. Thermostat problems

Very often, a homeowner will know when a thermostat is causing the problem. Sometimes if a thermostat is old, it may need to be replaced. Other times, the heat may not kick on when the thermostat is adjusted. This can be a sign of the thermostat itself causing a problem. In this case, we can replace the thermostat with an updated version so that consistent heat can return to the home. We can also give homeowners a smart thermostat that they can control remotely with numerous settings to maximize energy efficiency.

Call a heating contractor

Dealing with a heating unit takes experience and attention to detail. We have both. It is wise to work with a contractor when conducting these types of home repairs because it guarantees the best possible results. If there are any issues with your unit or signs of a pending issue, call today, and schedule an appointment.