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Abilene Water Line Installation & Repair

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The highly trained and experienced plumbers at Bevills Plumbing, Heating & A/C offer comprehensive plumbing services, including water line installation and repair in Abilene. Since 1985, our local, family-owned and operated company has delivered reliable plumbing services to residential and commercial properties.

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Signs of Water Line Trouble

The water lines in your home or commercial property deliver water from the municipal water supply to the faucets, spigots, and water-using appliances in your home. A problem with a single water line or your main water line should be addressed as soon as possible to prevent water damage.

You could have a problem with the main water line if you have:

  • Low Water Pressure – A leak or break in the water line can result in a noticeable decrease in water pressure. If the water pressure is low in one faucet, the problem is likely in that area. However, low water pressure throughout the home is an indication of a break in the main water line.
  • Discolored Water – Discolored water from only the hot faucets is usually a water heater problem. When all the water is discolored, it signals a larger problem.
  • Wet Spots in the Yard – A damaged main water line may cause soggy spots or water pooling in the yard.
  • Unexplained Water Bills – Have your water bills suddenly increased? If your usage hasn’t changed but your bills have, it may be a water line problem.

Accurately identifying the problem with your water line is essential for finding an effective solution. Our plumbers are trained, experienced, and equipped to locate any water line problem. After a quick inspection, we can recommend the most cost-effective method to solve your problem.

Main Water Line Repair & Installation

Whether you have a water leak inside the house or trouble with the main water line, we offer Abilene water line installation and repair to restore your water and minimize further damage to your property. Every situation is unique, and our services are always tailored to the needs of the customer.

Water line repair and installation should be left to a professional. This is not a do-it-yourself job, as it requires specific skills, and the work must meet all local plumbing codes. Our professionally trained technicians are knowledgeable about plumbing and all local plumbing codes, so you can be sure your installation or repair will meet all current requirements.

Water Line Installations & Repairs

In addition to the main water line, we offer water line installation and repair for all the water lines in your home. While a water line leak under the bathroom sink is easy to detect, there are water lines running behind your walls, under the ceiling, and even under the slab. We offer efficient leak detection service to identify water leaks.

Whether you have a leak inside the house or the main water line is damaged, waiting to deal with the problem can result in even more property damage and mold growth. We encourage you to contact us right away if you see a leak or have noticed signs of an underground main water line problem. Our technicians offer prompt and reliable service for all your plumbing needs.

Can You Bury Water Lines & Electric Lines Together?

Yes, you can have a joint trench for multiple utility lines. There are needs to be certain separations between all the lines. There must be 12 inches of separation between your water and electric lines, 24 inches between electric and gas lines, and 24 inches between electric and sewer lines. Be sure to ask the water line installation experts at Bevills Plumbing, Heating & A/C any questions you may have.

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