Get Help ASAP if You Need a Slab Leak Repair

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Give us a call if you need help with a slab leak repair. This is one of the worst problems that a homeowner can deal with. It is something that can lead to weeks and weeks of trying to identify where the leak is coming from and even more time when it comes to the repairs.

As professionals, we have the necessary experience to help detect the leak and handle any repairs. We will do all of this in a timely and cost-efficient manner. Homeowners attempting to solve this problem on their own, are typically not so lucky. Many homeowners end up frustrated and oftentimes unsuccessful. It is far better to call for help.

Signs of a problem

Some signs that a slab leak repair may be necessary include:

Higher than average water bills

It is important to keep an eye on water bills since the water bill is an easy way to identify undetected leaks.

The sound of constantly running water

Unless the toilet is running, this should not be happening.

Mold growth

Dangerous mold can cause numerous breathing problems and even lead to asthma, making detecting the cause critical.

Low water pressure

Beyond being annoying, low water pressure can be the result of a leak.

Baseboards that become moist

Baseboards can become moist and absorb water when there is leaking underneath them.

Carpets or flooring being wet

Wet carpet or flooring is a red alert that there is a leak.

Shifting foundation

A shifting foundation is serious and a cause for concern. Shifting foundations can lead to numerous home problems.

These are serious causes for concern and require professional help right away.

How slab leaks are repaired

There are several ways that we can repair slab leaks and which one we recommend is going to depend on the cause of the leak in the first place. In many cases, it is necessary to completely redo the pipes. This could include re-piping or pipe rerouting. Re-piping is the process of putting all new pipes in the home and is the most thorough solution. This can sometimes be necessary for ensuring that there are no leaks and it will last the longest.

Pipe rerouting is sometimes a more affordable solution because it is a way to move water away from a leaking pipe without having to replace all of them. The cheapest option is an epoxy restoration. Sometimes this is possible but we will not know for sure until coming out and examining the pipes to determine where the leak is coming from. Ultimately, that is the first step in this entire process.

Thus, it is important to call us for a leak detection so that we can make a recommendation for how to repair it and draw up an estimate for what it will cost to do so. Sometimes, homeowner's insurance will pay for all of this so it is a good idea to call and speak with your insurance agent.

For help, give us a call

Our slab leak repair services are the best way to stop these pesky and unwanted water leaks from underneath the home. Call today before they can cause more damage.