Stop Wasting Energy with Help from an HVAC Contractor

Man Using a Fan

Are you interested in making better choices for the environment? For any homeowners who consider themselves to be environmentally conscious, it is wise to spend time considering ways to make a home more energy-efficient, including speaking with anĀ HVAC contractor. We have multiple solutions we can recommend for increasing the energy efficiency of a person's home.

Stop wasting energy

One reason that homes are not energy-efficient is that the home releases a lot of the energy through old windows, a lack of insulation, or improper sealing. This means that any energy the HVAC unit expends to heat or cool the home can be going to the outside. Thus, it is wise to upgrade the windows and properly seal up all cracks to avoid wasting energy.

Install a more energy-efficient HVAC unit

In addition to preventing the air from escaping, we recommend that homeowners replace their old HVAC units with modern ones that are more energy-efficient. There are units that use half the amount of energy that older models do. Sometimes this is due to the type of unit or the size.

Very often, owners will outfit a home with the wrong size unit and will increase the amount of energy necessary to heat/cool the home. Some homeowners also benefit from switching older gas or propane models to electric. This simple upgrade can be good for the environment, while also lowering a family's utility bills.

By cutting down on the cost of heating and cooling, it may be possible to cut those bills by a third or even in half. After reviewing the bills and looking at the current HVAC unit, we can make an estimation of how much energy and money we think homeowners can save. These savings will typically make it worthwhile to invest in a new unit since it will essentially pay for itself.

Better regulate the temperature

As an HVAC contractor, we can upgrade a homeowner's HVAC unit but we can also help existing ones to function better. By better regulating the temperature in the home, we make it possible to save money and to use less energy. For example, it may be possible to install a better thermostat or to connect the HVAC system to an application that can be controlled remotely.

This can allow homeowners to turn the temperature down when they are at work or traveling to ensure that energy is not being wasted on an empty home. These are always things to consider when installing the new unit but even for those who do not need a new unit, the simple upgrade can make a property more energy-efficient.

Call with questions

We are happy to answer any questions about HVAC units and what can be done to make a home more energy-efficient. As an HVAC contractor, we recommend giving us a call at any time. We can come out to the property and make recommendations after inspecting the existing HVAC system. For help or for more information, call us today.