4 Questions to Ask For Your Air Conditioning Estimate

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Eventually, your air conditioning system will require repairs or replacement. When this occurs, you need to hire the best HVAC team in your city to assist you. You naturally want to know how much you should expect to spend on this service and that requires getting an estimate. Before agreeing to the estimate, there are a few questions you want to ask to make sure you are getting the best for your home.

Do not let the contractor go without asking the following:

1. Can the existing ductwork work with the new system?

The estimate you receive should contain an itemized list of everything the team will do. One of the most expensive things HVAC professionals do is take out the existing ductwork and put in a completely new system. You should first ask if the team can work around the ductwork already in place. It is possible they will need to clean it and make some minor repairs, but this will still be more affordable than completely tearing out the system and putting a new one in. You may also save on the fee the company would have charged for hauling the old ductwork away.

2. What is the right unit for the size of the home?

When you install a new air conditioning unit in your house, you want to be certain it is the right size. If you get a unit that is too small, then it will inadequately cool down your house. If you get a unit that is too large, then you will use an excessive amount of electricity, which will drastically increase your energy bill. Experienced contractors should be able to tell you which size is ideal for your home. Professionals use the Manual J Load Calculation, and they can walk you through the equation if you like.

3. Are there any tax credits available?

Homeowners planning on installing a completely new system should get one that is good for the planet. When you install an energy-efficient appliance in your home, you may qualify for tax credits. This helps offset a large portion of the overall cost. You should ask the contractor to incorporate this tax credit into the air conditioning estimate, so you get a clearer picture of what you are actually paying.

4. Are you insured and bonded?

Any reputable HVAC company will be fully bonded and insured. A bonded company guarantees the company will perform the work as requested. It also ensures they will complete the project in the timeframe stated. Insurance is critical in case anyone on the contractor’s team sustains an injury from the work. Otherwise, you will be liable for any medical expenses. You never want an uninsured team anywhere near your property.


You do not want to hire anyone to work on your home without first asking a lot of questions. You should be completely confident in the contractor’s services. It all starts with a phone call, so get in touch with an HVAC contractor in your area to get a new air conditioning system.

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