Learn How to Fix a Leaking Toilet Fast

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If you have noticed an unwelcome puddle of water around the base of your toilet or feel as if though your bathroom floor is spongy, one of several problems exist. Between the toilet worn and the drain line, a seal keeps water from leaking. Allowing this problem to go unaddressed will not only damage flooring, but you will also waste hundreds of gallons of water, which could increase your bill.

Here is a quick solution for those who want to learn how to fix a leaking toilet.

Before pulling the toilet, prepare yourself

It is vital to have parts first

Prior to loosening bolts and pulling your toilet from the floor, several tools will be needed to complete your work:

  • One (1) tube of silicone caulk matching the color of your toilet
  • New wax ring
  • Two (2) 5/16 water closet bolts
  • Plastic toilet shims to level your toilet if rocking

Remounting your toilet takes several hours. Should you feel uncomfortable undertaking this task, phone your plumber immediately.

Loosen and remove the toilet

Do not forget to cleanup

After shutting off the water leading to the bowl, you can begin loosening water closet nuts with a wrench. In older toilets or those with excessive water leakage, these bolts may spin, which may require you cutting them off under the bolt with a hack saw.

Once you remove these nuts, clean up around the drain hole and remove any excess debris that may be left behind. Using mineral spirits, you will want to clean built-up waxy residue on the floor. After setting your reinforcement ring over the flange and drilling a fresh one-fourth-inch clearance hole to the subfloor, prep for the extender ring.

Installing a new ring

Check this out

After removing and replacing the old toilet flange, you will be ready to install your new wax ring.

With the rounded side of the ring toward the toilet, push the new wax ring onto the toilet horn. Next, you will want to mark where your new water closet bolts will be placed by placing masking tape over the bolt positions.

Once you have removed and replaced the wax seal using the quick steps above and before remounting your toilet, give the ring a slight wiggle to make sure it is firmly affixed around the horn. Then, and only then, can you mount your toilet by dropping it straight down onto its position? A second person would be helpful to verify that the seal did not jar loose.

Shims are used to stabilize the toilet; once firmly in position, silicone caulk will close the area between the floor and toilet.

Done incorrectly, your toilet will either continue leaking or get positioned unevenly. Both of which could worsen the problem you just tried to solve.

Do not want to know how to fix a leaking toilet?

Many would rather call a professional

Most homeowners admit that they are skittish about uprooting their toilets and replacing seals, even with a bevy of YouTube videos that can assist them in completing the work. Too many things can go wrong and other problems may be underlying.

Thankfully, with professional plumbers nearby, you do not have to know how to fix a leaking toilet. Simply pick up the phone, and dial your favorite plumber’s emergency line.

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