AC Repair: When It is Time to Call an HVAC Professional

AC Repair Abilene, TX

A common mistake many people make is only calling an HVAC professional for an AC repair when the issue is obvious and causes serious complications. However, there are certain times when it is helpful to schedule an AC repair even if the issue does not cause an immediate threat to the overall function or safety of the HVAC system.

When to consider AC repair

By learning more about when to schedule an AC repair, people can avoid expensive repairs down the road and ensure they are always comfortable in their home. The following are four common times when an AC repair by an HVAC professional should be considered.

The air is not cool

Perhaps the most obvious repair need is when the air does not blow cool air or is not strong enough to cool the entire building efficiently. During this time, the effects are obvious as everyone inside becomes uncomfortable and hot. There are a number of issues that may cause an HVAC system not to cool the home the way it should, including a dirty or damaged filter, lack of refrigerant, or a thermostat malfunction. An HVAC professional can quickly assess the issue, determine the cause, and provide the necessary AC repair.

There is a leak

If the air-conditioning system inside a home or business leaks, then it can cause the AC not to work the way it should. A leak is also likely to increase the energy costs each month as the system will run for longer periods each day if it is not efficient. Also, and perhaps most importantly, an AC leak could cause water damage. A leak may occur if there is a blockage and the condensation is not able to drain or if the pan becomes flooded and water starts to overflow.

Noisy AC unit

A noisy AC unit is incredibly frustrating, and it often leads to not getting a good night’s sleep or just simply not feeling comfortable and relaxed while at home or work. A constant squeal or hiss from the AC unit could be the result of a bad fan motor or an issue with the refrigerant. Fortunately, HVAC professionals know how to quickly determine the issue and solve it through a simple AC repair.

Routine maintenance

One of the primary goals of an AC repair is to ensure the HVAC equipment lasts for a long time without needing replacement. It is encouraged to have a routine inspection and AC repair each year even if there are not any noticeable issues that exist. By doing so, people can ensure everything works properly both in the short term and long term.

Talk to an HVAC professional today

If you are having issues with your HVAC system, then reach out today to find out how an HVAC professional can help. The HVAC professional knows how to effectively and efficiently diagnose the complication and provide quality AC repair. Schedule an appointment today to get the process started.

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