Advantages of Trenchless Pipe Lining

trenchless pipe lining Abilene, TX

It is bad enough to suffer through backed-up drains and clogged sinks. The good news is that the plumber knows that you have suffered enough. Now you can have your sewer line repaired without the messiness and the long waiting times that were endured by people of yore.

All this is possible thanks to trenchless pipelining.

What is a trenchless pipe lining?

It is the more modern, less messy alternative to traditional sewer line repair. Trenchless pipe lining is a method used to repair sewer pipes without digging them up. Here is how a plumber does it:

First, the plumber uses a video scope to assess the extent of damage to the pipe. The plumber does this by snaking the scope into the pipe via the nearest drain. After the plumber pinpoints the damage, they access the broken pipe from the shallowest point. Usually, the shallowest point of a pipe system is found near the building.

From this shallow point, the plumber clears the drain with a hydro jet. They will use a plumbing snake to remove any leftover debris. Next, the plumber takes the measurements of the broken pipe and uses them to cut the required length of the lining.

The plumber then inserts the lining into the pipe. They do this in one of two ways:

  • The plumber could attach the lining to a steel cable, run the cable to the other end of the pipe, and then use the cable to pull the lining through the pipe
  • The plumber may load the lining into an air tank with a barrel and use the tank’s air pressure to shoot the lining into the pipe

Once the lining is in the pipe, the plumber will inflate it so that it takes the shape of the pipe.

The lining’s outer surface has an epoxy coating that allows the lining to stick to the inner surface of the pipe. The plumber will give the lining a little time to cure, after which the repaired pipe will be as good as new.

The benefits of trenchless pipelining

There are lots of reasons to choose a pipe repair method that does not involve digging up the yard. Here are a few of them:

The landscaping will be left intact

It takes time, effort, and dedication to create the perfect yard, and there is no need to let a damaged pipe destroy all that work. Trenchless pipe lining will leave the yard in peace.

It takes less time

Lining the pipe is less time consuming when the plumber does not spend any of their time digging up the sewer line. They only need a few minutes to expose a small portion of the pipe, which allows them to spend the rest of the time actually fixing the pipe.

It costs less

The plumber will not charge a property owner for the privilege of having their lawn and flowerbeds dug up.

Pipelining improves the quality of the pipe

Pipelining is made from modern materials like Polyethylene. The lining also creates a pipe that has no seams or joints, which means near-zero chances of leakage and tree root intrusion. The result is a durable pipe that will need very few repairs.

The repaired pipe will work better

A repaired water pipe will have better water pressure and repaired sewer pipes will have a higher flow capacity.

If trenchless pipe lining is an option, take it

Modern technology has made it possible to have your pipes repaired with minimal fuss, so do not be afraid to get them fixed up. If your drains are not working like they are supposed to, reach us and one of our plumbers will help you.

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