If Your AC Isn’t Cooling, Call for AC Repair Before Summer!


Wanting to find AC repair services before the hot summer months arrive? Whether your air conditioner is currently not working or has not been serviced in many months, now is the time for you to have it checked out by a professional. You do not want to find out that your air conditioner is not properly working once the heat has arrived. It could take days and even weeks for an AC repairman to come out and service your air conditioner when you contact them during their busy season.

Why AC repair is needed

Wondering how often AC repair is needed? It depends on the type of air conditioner, how old the air conditioner is, and how well it has been maintained over the years. Air conditioners and air conditioning systems tend to last anywhere between 10 and 25 years. With proper maintenance, anyone can expect their AC system to last the full term of their life expectancy. Some of the more common problems that can lead to air conditioners breaking down include leaks, dust, poor lubrication, electrical issues, and even faulty installations.

Signs of AC problems

There are various signs that can let people know that their air conditioner is not properly working. These signs include but are not limited to unusual sounds coming from the unit, unusual smells coming from the unit, seeing moisture near the unit, and only blowing warm air vs. cool air.

When to schedule AC maintenance and repair

When an AC unit is not functioning properly and someone calls to make an appointment for repair services, they want these services to be performed as soon as possible. Thus, the ideal time to schedule AC maintenance and repair services is during the spring and fall months. These months are considered to be off-season, which equals faster service as well as off-season savings.

Air conditioning professionals vs. home repair

For those who would rather repair their air conditioning unit themselves, there are many reasons why choosing a professional is a better choice. The first reason is that many air conditioning units have a stipulation that voids their warranty when they are not serviced by an AC professional. A second reason is that the problem could be electrical, and no one should attempt electrical repairs when not fully trained. A third reason is that air conditioners are complex, requiring a number of diagnostics to be performed in order to figure out the reason why the air conditioner is not properly working.

Call us today!

Currently in need of AC repair? If your air conditioner has not been serviced in a while, you will want to schedule an appointment to make sure it is properly functioning before the hot summer months hit. If your air conditioner is not currently working, then making an appointment to find out what is wrong is necessary. The earlier you contact us to come to check out your air conditioner or air conditioning system, the easier it will be for an AC professional to figure out the problem.

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