When You Should Call an Emergency Plumber

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Emergency plumbing situations arise when they are least expected, but with the help of an emergency plumber, that overflowing toilet or burst pipe can be repaired. Some people are not aware of what classifies as a plumbing emergency because there are many misconceptions online.

Keep reading to see when you should call an emergency plumber. Being able to distinguish what is an emergency versus what can wait until you have time to address it can save you time and money.

When to call an emergency plumber

You can call an emergency plumber for any occasion. That said, calling these plumbers only makes sense if you need urgent help. They are often available around the clock, but a call after midnight will likely cost more than normal business hours. We outline a few issues below that need urgent care no matter what time it is.

Flooding or risk of flooding

Flooding can happen for several reasons, but the most common situations in which flooding occurs is when a pipe bursts or if there is a significant sewer back up. If you find your home flooding, calling an emergency plumber is a natural choice. However, if you notice a leak that might turn into a major flood, calling an emergency plumber can stop further damage from occurring.

No water

An emergency plumber does not just handle toilet and sewer problems; they can also address problems that relate to the water system within a home. If the sink, shower, or toilet does not have flowing water, then it is best to call an emergency plumber.

While you may be able to wait a few hours while you run to the store for bottled water, you will need a plumber to fix this problem.

Clogged or overflowing toilets

As uncommon as most people want to believe it is, a clogged or overflowing toilet happens often. An emergency plumber is the best person to call if this happens. Of course, use your plunger to dry to get the toilet to drain. If that does not work, turn off the water supply to the toilet and call the plumber. There may be more to the issue than you can see, and an emergency plumber will prevent any damage to your system.

Sewer back up

A sewer back up is very serious because it may lead to other sewage problems within your home. If the sewage system is backed up, there may be burst pipes that let out waste that is unsanitary and unpleasant. In this case, it is best to call an emergency plumber so that they can get everything flowing properly again and keep your home clean.

Frozen or burst pipes

Both frozen and burst pipes are critical situations in which an emergency plumber should be called. Frozen pipes can cause the water to stop flowing while burst pipes may cause water and waste to flow everywhere. A plumber can address damaged pipes by determining where the problem lies.

Call us for urgent plumbing services

A plumbing issue can happen at any time and ruin your day. While minor problems can wait, serious issues need fast fixing. Let our trained professionals handle your urgent plumbing situations to get your house back to working order.

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