What Does an HVAC Contractor Do?

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Many people understand that HVAC contractors help individuals with their heat and air conditioning needs, but it is helpful to understand the exact services these professionals can offer. Although each HVAC contractor is different and may offer different services, there are certain ones that are more common.

HVAC contractor services

By learning more about the services HVAC contractors offer, home or business owners can determine if calling one for inspection and servicing is right for them. The following are five of the more prevalent services HVAC contractors offer their clients.

AC repairs

Anyone who experiences an AC unit that does not produce cold air has restricted airflow, makes strange noises, or affects the quality of the air should consider calling an HVAC professional. There are many different reasons why an AC repair is needed, such as dirty or damaged filters, issues with the motor blower or condenser, and a lack of refrigerant.

Heating repairs

The need for a heating repair is essentially the opposite of AC, and individuals should call an HVAC contractor anytime they are unable to keep the home warm during the cold winter months. The issue could be the result of problems with the furnace, although there is a variety of other possibilities as well. HVAC contractors conduct thorough inspections to determine the underlying issue and proceed to fix the issue through heating repair.

Routine maintenance

There does not have to be an issue with the AC or heating system to call an HVAC contractor. These professionals can provide routine maintenance as well. After all, the proper way to deal with issues with the HVAC system is to prevent them from occurring in the first place. During a routine maintenance visit by an HVAC professional, they will likely check every component to ensure proper function, change filters, tighten loose connections, and clean the exterior unit.

System installation

Many HVAC contractors can also install entire HVAC systems, which are often necessary for new construction homes and commercial locations. In a similar manner, the contractors can also replace key components of existing HVAC systems, such as a condenser that is broken and no longer works properly. However, be sure to check with the HVAC contractor first if system installation is needed as the services offered can vary for each contractor.

Necessary replacements

As mentioned, HVAC contractors deal with the replacement of key components of the HVAC system, but they also replace all kinds of parts, from air filters to blower motors. While many HVAC contractors will try and repair when possible, there are times when a replacement is simply unavoidable.

Talk to an HVAC contractor today

If you have any issues with your HVAC unit, then reach out to an HVAC contractor to find out more about their services. HVAC contractors are willing and able to answer all of your questions and guide you through the entire servicing process. Feel free to call at any time and schedule an appointment to get repairs started.

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