Best Types of Sewer Inspection Camera in 2018

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Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) is growing in popularity in the sewer inspection field. As residents are growing more apprehensive about having their yards dug up, having a way to inspect pipes and sewer lines means investing in technologies that offer plumbers the opportunity to efficiently check for pipe blockages and leaks.

sewer inspection camera is an important tool for plumbing services. As many come with higher price tags, they are an investment that pays dividends over time.

Here are several good models and what they accomplish.

SeeSnake® MAX rM200 Series by Ridgid

A beast

Combining durability with both D2A and D2B drums, the SeeSnake® offers the flexibility to work quickly yet handles high-definition imagery like no other. Because it is wheeled, porting the sewer inspection camera from locations around customer properties is less strenuous.

This ruggedly built beast is fitted with an ingenious 100-percent hardened stainless steel camera head spring assembly for peak performance, and its wide pipe diameter capacity range makes this system idyllic for myriad commercial and residential inspections.

Viztrac AM100 Push Cable Video System

Affordable yet versatile

Made in Cleveland, Tennessee, Viztrac’s entry-level sewer inspection camera provides exceptional accuracy in an easy-to-reel assembly that many plumbing pros are turning to. Features that help make inspections much smoother include:

  • Camera vision angle up to 60 degrees
  • 1-3/8-inch diameter "easy push" camera head
  • Stainless-steel camera body with sapphire lens
  • Quality high-resolution color camera
  • Waterproof camera head

Up to 225’ of cable is available with these cameras, which is optimal when inspecting deep wells or longer pipe runs.

FORBEST 130-foot Color Sewer Inspection Camera

Where accuracy meets the price

Featuring the ability to hit 45- and 90 degree-angles with ease, this portable sewer inspection camera packs some serious punch. Plumbers will use this in two- to six-inch pipe, giving them the ability to view clogs and cracks that need to be addressed. With pictures and video displayed in clear color onto a USB/SD card, plumbers can quickly reference pictures when talking with customers.

The case is waterproof and rugged too. Price-wise, it is the least expensive of the three listed here but perhaps the most portable.

Why these cameras are important

Depends on who you ask

Many wonder what sewer inspection cameras can do that human eyes cannot. For one, digging up yards and "guessing" where sewer leaks are happening is not feasible, especially when residential yards are closely grouped. Another solid reason would be depth: Human eyes cannot look down risers in the same manner cameras can.

Plumbers will use an array of cameras that they are comfortable with. The models compiled here are favorites around the plumbing industry, although which camera your chosen plumber uses will depend on where they frequently use it and how rugged they need their cameras to be.

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