5 Signs You Need Sewer Replacement

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The sewer system is one of the most vital systems in your home, which means knowing when you need sewer replacement is necessary. The sewer is a crucial component of your plumbing system, which is why a broken or blocked sewer line is a major plumbing emergency that needs immediate action.

Sewer line repairs can be taxing; therefore you should call a professional plumber instead of trying to make the repairs yourself. To prevent emergency repairs and sewer line replacement, remember to schedule routine checks and maintenance for your sewer.

How to know if you need sewer replacement

If you have ignored a few of the common sewer problems for a while, you will soon have to deal with a damaged or clogged sewer. The following are signs to watch for that could mean you need to contact professional plumbers for sewer line repair or replacement.

Sewage backups and blockages

If you are dealing with water backflow and clogs, it means that a drain or sewer issue is imminent. Another sign of trouble is when water backs up after flushing your toilet or using the sink or bathtub. If the backups are becoming frequent and it is becoming difficult to clear the sewer lines, then it is time to reach out to a plumber for sewer inspection.

Slow drain

A slow drain is usually a sign that a blockage is gradually developing, which will ultimately cause a clog or sewage backup. If you notice that your sink, bathtub, or toilet is draining slowly, you should have the problem checked as soon as possible. If the slow drainage is consistent with all your pipes, there is a chance you are dealing with a more significant issue and not just a simple clog.

Sewer odors

A well-maintained and clean sewer should be airtight all around, aside from the vent stacks. If you can perceive sewer odors around your home, that is evidence that your sewer line has a crack or clog somewhere.

Septic waste pooling

This is one of the most apparent signs that your sewer pipe is broken. Septic wastewater accumulating in your yard could cause an odor around the property. The problem may be caused by a burst pipe, septic tank, or a clogged drain field beneath the sewer water pool.

Undetected sewer leaks are often accompanied by wet, damp, or elevated patches of the ground around the house. This means water has accumulated below the surface of the lawn.

Lush grass patches

If the grass around your house is suddenly getting greener and dense or your dying plants suddenly began to flourish and blossom surprisingly, do not look too far. It could mean that the soil around the sewer leak has been getting additional nutrients from a natural fertilizer: the sewage.

Final note

If you are dealing with a few of the signs mentioned above and think that you might need a sewer replacement, reach out to a reputable plumber to have the problem checked. This will prevent additional damage and save you from expensive repairs.

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