Finding the Right Carbon Monoxide Detection Equipment

carbon monoxide detection equipment Abilene, TX

The Center for Disease Control estimates that roughly 10,000 people endure carbon monoxide poisoning each year, all of which require some form of medical care. An additional 430 people die yearly from the same. Because of so many terrifying incidents where the silent killer existed in homes without detection, legislation has made carbon monoxide detection equipment mandatory in many homes.

Twenty-seven states make carbon monoxide equipment compulsory in private dwellings, while an additional 11 states require the same but through regulatory action in compliance with the International Resident Code or state building code.

Here is how residents and business owners like you can easily locate the right carbon monoxide detectors.

Ask friends or family

An excellent referral source

More than likely, one of your family members or friends has installed this equipment. They know how it performs, what sounds it makes, and where the home to install it. Chances are, they also researched numerous brands via the internet before coming up with the right solution. These folks are the first consumers you should check with.

If possible, visit their home and look at how the product works. Get a feel for the display, various lights, and codes, and ask them any questions about levels of carbon monoxide that must be detected before the alarm goes off.

How much they tell you about its functionality and benefits will dictate how prepared you are for shopping for your own carbon monoxide detection equipment.

Check with HVAC pros

People do this often

Professional HVAC installers often suggest consumers install CO-detection equipment — not because they love taking consumers’ money, but it’s a relatively quick install and a lifesaver, as has been proven time and time again.

The great thing about technology is that it evolves in areas such as HVAC. Wireless connection from a smartphone allows homeowners to view their carbon monoxide levels from miles away. Some are so intricate that they will dial law enforcement or fire departments when massive increases in CO are detected.

Of all the professionals in the world, HVAC experts are the ones who can suggest the best equipment for you.

Can I simply live without one?

Not suggested

Ten thousand people each year would love to have carbon monoxide detection equipment installed but unfortunately, do not think they afford it. Before deciding against one of these life-saving apparatuses, consider this: Investing a couple of hundred dollars in carbon monoxide detection will spare the expense of thousands in medical bills that you will incur after ingesting several hours of this deadly poisonous gas.

Children are the most susceptible to death from ingesting CO. Leave nothing to chance and make the investment either at your favorite technology store or through the careful guidance of an HVAC professional. But whatever you do, install some form of carbon monoxide detection equipment to preserve your family’s health.

Never leave your loved ones to suffer needlessly from the poisoning effects of carbon monoxide. Abilene HVAC pros can help choose and install the right CO equipment, but you must call us today at (325) 225-4115 or fill out the contact form at