How to Clean Air Ducts Yourself

How to Clean Air Ducts Yourself

Keeping the HVAV ducts clean has many advantages. Trapped dust in the HVAC system could have health risks. Aside from preventing health hazards caused by dirt or other unhealthy elements, proper cleaning ensures clean air in the home. The HVAC system will also last longer if the ducts are cleaned regularly.

In this age where homeowners prefer to undertake DIY household projects, you probably want to clean your air ducts yourself. Although you can hire a professional cleaner, doing it yourself can save you money. The only drawback is that you may not have the required tools or skills. This article contains the information you need to undertake this task.

Get the right tools

Cleaning the air ducts will be daunting without the essential tools. The tools required include:

  • A vacuum cleaner with accessories hose
  • Microfiber cleaning cloths
  • Dust brush for the vacuum
  • Rotary dryer vent brush cleaner
  • Cordless drill

Cleaning the ducts

The duct walls: The wall registers may need to be unscrewed with the cordless drill. Afterward, extract the vent and clean with hot soapy water, then rinse and air dry. A dishwasher can clean metal registers, although it is better to handwash if they are painted.

After removing the registers, connect the dryer vent brush to the end of the cordless drill. Ensure it is firmly connected before putting it into the duct so that the brush will not loosen and get missing in the duct system.

Turn on the drill and allow it to whip the brush around inside the duct. With the drill still operating, pull back as the brush wipes the duct walls. Do not forget to switch off the drill just before pulling out to prevent duct from scattering.

After removing the dryer vent brush from the duct, push the vacuum cleaner hose with the dust brush attachment down inside the duct. Ensure the brush is firmly attached. Vacuum all the dust and debris dislodged, vacuum the dryer vent brush, and proceed to the next duct.

Cleaning the other parts

With a damp microfiber cloth, reach into the duct as far as possible and clean the interiors. The cloth may need repeated rinsing since a lot of dust and debris may have accumulated there. Spraying homemade general purpose cleaner on the cloth can help remove stubborn dirt.wipe the areas surrounding ducts such as the floor or wall. Replace the clean register vent, and the cleaning process is over.

Tips for cleaning air ducts

  • Homeowners with kids and pets may need to try installing vent register filters
  • The deep cleaning is only required once or twice yearly. Homeowners can keep the ducts dirt-free by vacuuming the ducts monthly.
  • The HVAC’s air filter should be replaced after cleaning the ducts

Final note

When it comes down to the technical aspect of cleaning air ducts, it is better to leave it to professionals. Some of the tools required for the job are expensive, which you may not have lying around in your garage. Also, a wrong cleaning process may damage the ducts, necessitating costly repairs.

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