How to Prevent AC Repair with Maintenance

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There are times when AC repair is simply unavoidable, regardless of the efforts you take to prevent an AC malfunction. However, you can significantly reduce the risk of AC related issues and lengthen the life span of your AC unit and related parts through routine maintenance efforts at home.

Preventive maintenance to avoid major AC repair

It is important to have an understanding as to what AC maintenance tasks individuals can safely and effectively perform and what issues require professional assistance. The following are four relatively simple tasks that individuals can do themselves in an effort to prevent the need for major AC repair or parts replacement.

Change the air filters

Of course, anyone who does not feel comfortable changing the air filters on their own should consider calling an HVAC contractor for routine servicing, and many home and business owners prefer to leave this and other similar tasks in the hands of professionals. However, it is possible for people to learn how to change the air filters themselves and do so regularly to prevent the filters from becoming dirty or damaged and affecting the function of the AC unit.

Service the thermostat

A misconception many have is that issues with the air-conditioning are the result of the AC unit. While perhaps this is true the majority of the time, issues may also be the result of a faulty thermostat. If the thermostat is not calibrated properly or the batteries are dead, then it can result in the AC continuing to run after it reaches the desired temperature, shutting off before it reaches the desired temperature or causing the AC unit to stop running altogether. It is helpful to change the batteries regularly and ensure it is calibrated properly.

Clean the exterior unit

Another simple task that individuals can perform is to clean the exterior unit frequently. More than interior components, the AC condenser is increasingly vulnerable to getting dirty or damaged, which could obstruct airflow and cause system malfunction. It is encouraged to keep the exterior HVAC unit clean and clear from obstruction. For example, if the HVAC unit is underneath a tree or near a bush, clear the debris regularly.

Avoid damage from pests

Animals and pests have the ability to cause great damage to an HVAC unit. Subsequently, it is encouraged to do everything possible to keep pests far away. When pests get into the HVAC system, it can compromise the air quality, lead to water or refrigerant leaks, and cause blockages. Pests can also tear up the HVAC equipment, leading to the need for expensive repairs. Be sure to consult with an HVAC contractor about effective ways to keep pests away from the HVAC unit.

Call an HVAC contractor for an AC inspection

An HVAC contractor can help you with all of your AC repair needs, and inform you of ways to maintain the proper function of your HVAC system to avoid servicing more often than what is necessary. Give an HVAC contractor a call today for more information.

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