Commercial HVAC Systems Create Savings and Comfort

HVAC Services

When going over your profit and loss for the year, consider how much you spent on heating and cooling and whether or not installing an upgraded commercial HVAC system could save you money. We have found that in older buildings, the HVAC can be so antiquated that it uses a significant amount of energy to produce unreliable results. This can create an uncomfortable working environment in an office building, frigid temperatures in a warehouse, and even church heating bills that are astronomical.

Now is an excellent time to think about saving money

With the year coming to a close, most people will be organizing their profit and loss statements and gathering bills to determine how much was spent on various line items. This is an excellent time to look at statements to see how much was spent on heating and cooling throughout the course of the year. Many utility providers will also provide a breakdown of how much energy was used. We can take this information, look at the current HVAC system, and then determine if it is possible to save money by upgrading the system. If the system is rather old, it is highly likely that a new one would result in significant energy savings.

Upfront investment

There is an upfront investment associated with installing a new system. We understand that but the monthly savings will more than makeup for it. This is especially true if the commercial property is going to be a long-term investment. If selling the property in the next year or two, it may not make sense to upgrade. Otherwise, doing so could result in long-term cost savings and a more comfortable environment for anyone using the property.


There may be rebates associated with the unit or tax rebates that can help to offset the cost. We have this information and can share it when we complete our initial assessment and put the bid together. Some rebates are available to everyone while others are tied to specific pieces of equipment. Even if there are no rebates available, we can let customers know about any financing options or ways to help pay for an upgraded system.

Making the building more comfortable

Ultimately, the biggest benefit of upgrading a commercial HVAC system will be how comfortable it makes everyone who uses the property. Whether this is an office building used by a variety of companies, a church frequented by parishioners, or a restaurant with many dining patrons, a system that keeps the property a consistent temperature is going to make it more comfortable for everyone to visit. This is especially important for any business that is frequented by customers, such as a restaurant or retail store.

Call to discuss options

To learn more about the options that are available for a commercial HVAC system installation, give us a call. We can come out to the property, discuss your needs, and review the current system. We can then make recommendations as the best way to move forward.