Upgrade Your Commercial AC System in 2018

HVAC Services

Make 2018 the year that you upgrade your commercial AC system. We get a lot of calls from clients in the summer who are panicking because their AC is having problems that are interfering with their ability to get work done or to take care of customers. This is a situation that no one wishes to be in. It is far better to prevent this problem by either scheduling a maintenance call first or replacing a system that is old and outdated. We can help with both.

Do not put the upgrade off any longer

For anyone who has already been struggling with an AC system that is not working effectively, we suggest making this the year that the system is upgraded instead of continuing to put it off.

The economy is growing and banks are lending so this may even be a good time to speak with a banker about taking out a loan or line of credit to pay for all of the building upgrades that you have been considering. For example, an SBA loan may be able to provide the financing necessary to replace the AC, roof and buy more equipment all the same time.

Energy-efficient models

Technology has improved so significantly that there are many energy-efficient models that make it possible to replace the system and actually save money by doing so. This is especially true during the hot months when the AC is running nonstop. By reducing the amount of energy it takes to run the system, electrical bills can be drastically reduced, sometimes in half. We can review the existing unit and past energy bills to get an estimate of what we think the savings would be. While this would be approximate, it helps to give building owners an idea of what the potential savings are.

Then, when making a decision on which unit to purchase, it becomes possible to evaluate what the true long-term cost would be by taking the potential savings into consideration.

Reasons to install a new commercial AC system

In addition to saving money, we recommend installing a new system for the following reasons:

#1. Reducing noise

Older HVAC systems are notoriously loud. This can interfere when trying to speak with customers or employees. Eliminating the obnoxious background noise can improve the overall working conditions.

#2. More consistent temperatures

When it is no longer possible to keep the building at a consistent temperature, it may be necessary to upgrade the unit. However, we can first look at changing the thermostat to see if that helps.

#3. Fewer space requirements

Some of the newer units have fewer space requirements. By replacing an older larger unit with a more modern smaller one, it can be possible to free up space for other things, such as storage

Discuss options

The best way to find out what options are available for a new commercial AC system is to give us a call. We can visit your business, look at your existing system, discuss your needs, and then make a recommendation for what we feel would best meet those needs. Now is an excellent time to get started, before the weather becomes hot. With that in mind, we suggest calling and scheduling an appointment today.