A Helpful Guide to Emergency AC Repair

Emergency AC

For any emergency AC repair, it is important to call your trusted local HVAC technician. They will come in and offer services that are needed to fix the issues you are having. If the system is having trouble, it is important to shut the system down and not use it until it has been assessed. Running the system when it is broken might make it worse.

Finding an HVAC technician

It is important to find an HVAC technician who can do the repairs if you do not currently work with someone. Doing a quick search and then calling around to find out who offers emergency AC repair services can help you find someone to work with. Scan the online reviews to see what others thought of the company. Friends and family may have also recommended service before. 

What is an AC emergency?

If you are unsure of whether your problem is an emergency, give the technician a call. They will provide you with more information about the issues you are having. Of course, if there is an elderly or young person living in the home and the temperatures are very high, having someone come out to fix the issue as soon as possible is ideal.

Other issues that could possibly be counted as an AC emergency include:

  • The system is running but it does not force any air out
  • The system is leaking and it is not condensation; refrigerant can be dangerous if it is left leaking all over
  • Loud, strange sounds coming from the system when it is turned on
  • Burning smells coming from the system when it is turned on or just plugged in
  • Any issue that is happening that you do not feel comfortable with

At any point when something is happening to your unit, having a technician come out and provide the necessary services can help. Calling them can give you more information about the issue and if it is indeed an emergency.

How quickly are emergency repairs done?

Calling a company out to your home to have emergency AC repair means you need to have someone out there as soon as possible. When a homeowner calls to receive emergency services and they do, in fact, have an emergency, someone will come out within the next two hours to service the problem. The technician will provide an approximate time over the phone.

There are no wrong questions when giving the technician a call. Any problem a system is having could potentially be an emergency. Emergency numbers are listed for the companies so you can easily find which number to call when it is after hours. Get a hold of a technician who can come out and perform the AC repairs you are in need of.

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