About Slab Leak Repair

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Wondering what is involved when you are in need of slab leak repair? If you are currently experiencing some type of water leak and think that it is affecting the integrity of your slab, it really is important for you to have it checked out as soon as absolutely possible. A water leak is not only going to waste a lot of water, water leaks have the potential to cause extreme damage to a home, including the slab. While you may be tempted to try and fix the slab leak damage yourself, this type of damage really needs to be fixed by a professional for proper repair.

What causes slab leaks?

Some of the more common causes of slab leaks include high amounts of water pressure, corroded hot water lines, old water pipes that are simply beginning to wear out, faulty wrapping of pipes that leaves them vulnerable, mineral caused pipe erosion, and a pipeline that was initially damaged when first installed. Slab leaks are quite a common occurrence when a homeowner is experiencing any type of water leak problem.

Warning signs of a slab leak

Some of the warning signs that someone may have a slab leak include hearing water running even when there is no water turned on inside of the house, seeing any mildew spots on floors or in carpets and having cracked slabs, a new musky smell is present, and seeing parts of the lawn experiencing water damage. If someone is experiencing any of these warning signs, contacting a professional for repair asap is suggested.

Repairing slab leaks

Depending on the type of slab leak as well as its location will determine the type of repair services a professional will use in order to repair the leak and any water problems it has already caused. Two of the more common methods utilized for repairing slab leaks include using a jackhammer to get to the issue at hand and using a tunneling method, which requires a professional to repair the slab leak from underneath the slab.

In need of slab repair?

If you currently think you are in need of slab leak repair, then contacting us today to make an appointment is highly recommended! We can send out one of our professionals, who can let you know whether or not your slab is indeed in need of any type of repair services. While we understand that some people will wait until their minor leaking problems become major to contact plumbing professionals, we encourage you to contact us at the first sign of any leaks, as this is the best way for you to avoid major damages due to leaks.

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