What is Central Air Conditioning?

Central Air

Looking for information on central air conditioning? The majority of homes in the United States use some form of air conditioning, whether it be central air or individual air conditioning units. When it comes to deciding which home cooling solution is going to ideally meet your home cooling needs, it really is necessary for you to understand the advantages and disadvantages of both cooling options.

According to Energy.gov, central air conditioners are more efficient than room air conditioners and are out of the way, quiet and convenient to operate.

What is the central air conditioning?

A central air conditioner is an air conditioner that is built to cool an entire house. Central air conditioning units have always been a popular choice among homeowners, as they are often much more efficient when compared to using individual window air conditioners in various rooms of one’s home. In fact, the efficiency of using a central air conditioning unit is always improving as new technologies are being utilized. New technologies can be seen at a glance by looking at the SEER ratings of the conditioner as well as the Energy Star rating seals.

SEER stands for seasonal energy efficiency ratio and measures the amount of energy a particular central air conditioner will use when cooling a home. An Energy Star rating also allows one to understand the efficiency they can expect a particular central air conditioner to provide for their home.

Types of central air conditioners

There are a few different types of central air conditioners, making it necessary for homeowners to understand these differences so that they are able to choose the correct air conditioning for their home. The four common types of central air conditioning systems include split systems, heat pumps, packaged central air conditioners, and ductless mini-split systems.

How to care for central air conditioning

It is important for homeowners to provide proper care for their central air conditioning system so that it will last them for many years to come. Three of the things homeowners can do to ensure that their new central air conditioning will last for as long as possible is to clean any filters and grills on a monthly basis, periodically check to ensure that all ducts are completely sealed to conserve energy efficiency, and have a licensed professional come out to check the system on a yearly basis.

Is central air conditioning the right choice for you?

Have you decided whether or not central air conditioning is the right choice for you after reading the above information? If you are a new homeowner and currently deciding between central air conditioning and air conditioning window units, it is essential that you understand the benefits that each cooling system can offer your home. If you need any help deciding between the two options, we invite you to contact us for an initial consultation appointment, as we can help you understand the advantages and disadvantages that come with each home cooling choice.

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