3 Tips to Fix a Running Toilet

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Looking for ways to fix your running toilet? Your toilet should only run when in use. If you hear it draining at any other time, then you have a running toilet.

If your toilet is running, the sooner you get it fixed, the better. Until you repair the problem, water will continue to go to waste. You will see on your next water bill the high cost this can bring.

If you are someone who feels comfortable following a few simple instructions to fix your running toilet, then great!

If not, then know that there are professional plumbers available around the clock who would love to assist you.

The following are three great tips that can help you find out the cause of your running toilet and then fix the problem.

Check the flapper

The flapper in a toilet is what keeps the water inside the tank. It is a circular piece of plastic material that seals the hole in the bottom of the tank. This prevents the toilet from overflowing when the water reaches a certain level. Over time, the flapper will deteriorate, making it not work that well. You will hear a draining sound from your running toilet. You need to inspect and likely replace the flapper. If the flapper is fine, then check the chain to see it is tangled.

Check the fill valve

The fill valve is what controls the water level inside the toilet tank. One end of the valve fits into the bottom of the tank, and the other end stops near the top of the tank. This shows where the level of water should be. You should lift the toilet float arm as the toilet is filling up with water to see if the water stops. If the valve still leaks, then it is the cause of the running toilet.

Check the fill tube

The fill tube is what connects the valve to the overflow tube and can potentially leak water into the overflow tube. Fixing this involves adjusting the height of the valve or possibly the fill tube until you can no longer hear the sound of running water.

Do you need professional help?

Do you have a running toilet and cannot quite figure out how to fix it yourself? If you are currently in need of a little plumbing assistance, then we can inspect and repair your toilet. There may be an issue aside from the items we mentioned above. We understand the ins and outs of plumbing, which includes fixing any other problems you may have.

It is essential to understand that your running toilet is wasting a great deal of water, even if it seems like a small trickle. This unnecessary waste of water is going to end up costing you in the long run, making it a good idea for you to schedule a plumbing appointment as soon as possible.

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