How Can You Tell if You Need a Gas Leak Detection Service?

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Our plumbing company provides more than just care and maintenance for water plumbing systems. We can also provide gas leak detection and repair. Very often, homeowners do not call us for leak detection until someone in the family begins suffering from health problems. Knowing the factors that are important to be aware of what to look for and how we can help.

Gas lines are used throughout the home

Start by knowing what is powered by gas. The majority of homes have at least one gas line somewhere on the premises, and most homes have more than one. Gas lines provide power to many household appliances like stoves, some washers and dryers, water heaters, and gas fireplaces among other items and appliances. Gas lines are essential to most homes because they ensure that even when the electricity goes out, the most critical aspects of the house will remain in working condition. They also contribute to lower power bills. In most cases, gas lines are entirely safe, but if a leak occurs, it could put everyone in the home in danger.

Causes of gas leaks

Gas lines age just like any other type of plumbing. They corrode over time and often become cracked. Sometimes they can even get broken if someone is using a shovel in the area which are buried underground without realizing it or if lightning strikes the area. Other causes of gas leaks are loose fittings between the lines and the appliances or faulty gas appliances.

Dangers of gas leaks

When gas leaks occur, the risk of fire and explosion occurs. A simple spark or flicker of electricity can cause combustion when the presence of gas in the home is enough. Exposure to low levels of the natural gas used in homes is not usually harmful, but exposure to severe levels may cause:

  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue

Signs to watch for

Thankfully, most gas leaks are easy to detect due to the smell. If there is a gas leak in the house, the scent of either a natural gas odor or a smell similar to rotten eggs should be present. The rotten egg smell is caused by mercaptan, a chemical added by the natural gas company to make leaks easier to notice.

If the odor is not enough of an indicator, a high gas bill is another sign of a gas leak. Some people experience headaches when gas is present in the air.

Some people do not smell a gas leak or experience side effects of it, but they do notice that a pilot light keeps going out which is another indicator of a gas leak. Pilot lights should burn blue. If they are burning orange or yellow, it means they are receiving a slower source of gas than they should. If a homeowner is worried that a gas leak is possible, shut off the primary source of the gas and the appliances that use them and call a plumber for gas leak detection services.

Call for a gas leak detection service

If you are worried there might be a gas leak in your home, call a plumber. We can provide you with fast gas leak detection services and repairs that will protect you and those in your household from harm and get your appliances back in working order quickly.

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