Reasons You May Need a Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning

We offer commercial and residential drain cleaning services that can be used to keep water flowing through your home. If water is beginning to drain slowly or not at all, call us right away. We can come out, assess the situation, identify the problem, and work to clear those drains before a clog becomes a serious problem.

What causes a clog?

There are several reasons that drains can become clogged. They include:

1. Objects being forced down them

As a plumber, we have found all sorts of objects down the drain. These can include spoons, forks, knives, toys, jewelry, and cloth. Typically, these items fall into the sink without anyone noticing and remain there, creating a more serious clog that makes it difficult for water to flow freely.

2. Sludge

Even when washing hands, it is possible for grease, dirt, grime, oil, and a variety of soap products to begin to create a film of sludge around the drain. This thick sludge can become thicker and thicker as time goes on until there is only a small hole for water to flow through. This can lead to sudden back-ups even if the sludge has been building over a long period of time.

3. Starch

Some of the more common reasons for kitchen clogs are starchy foods. Things like rice, potatoes, and pasta can easily get flushed down the drain when rinsing dishes after dinner. When it does, they can begin to stick to the sides of the drain and create a build-up that is thick enough to prevent water from flowing freely. We recommend clearing plates in the garbage can before rinsing them to ensure that nothing can accidentally get washed down the sink.

If any of these things are causing a drain to be clogged, completing the drain cleaning is fairly easy. We can come out with our tools including a snake and unclog the pipes right away. In rare cases, we may need to use additional products that can help to eat away the sludge or starch build-up. Once done, water should continue to flow like it originally did without being slow.

There could be a larger plumbing issue

Sometimes when people call us out for drain cleaning we discover that there is not a simple clog but instead, there is actually a problem with the plumbing itself. This is more likely to occur if a home has a septic system. If the septic system gets clogged or begins to back up, the water could drain slowly not because of the drain or pipe, but because the water is having difficulty leaving the home and going through the drain field. In this case,  septic help may be required as well.

Preventative maintenance can help to avoid these problems

We recommend that property owners contact us for a drain cleaning at the first sign of a problem because it can help to prevent some of these more major issues. Through preventative maintenance, we can help to ensure that the plumbing in the property continues to operate with maximum efficiency and without complication. These cleaning appointments can be done on an annual or biannual basis. To schedule yours, call us today.