Ins and Outs of Window Air Conditioning Unit Care

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When the integrity of window air conditioning units begins wearing down, cold air output erodes too. It is at this point that consumers would rather purchase another unit, which is completely unnecessary unless the unit simply does not turn on.

Now, most window AC units are rechargeable, but normally, refrigerant leaks stemming from closed-loop system breakdowns are the only time recharging is completely necessary. Let us learn more.

What is inside my air conditioner?

Let us look under the hood

Your standard window air conditioning unit consists of two coils, a blower, a fan, an expansion valve that allows the refrigerant to freely move, a filter, a control unit, and a compressor. Within the unit are condensing and evaporator processes that work in a similar fashion to how humans cool their skin with water.

From this small window unit, heat is removed from your room and replaced with cool, filtered air. This is accomplished by essentially "dragging" the room’s warm air across the evaporator coils, cooling it down, and returning the newer air back into your room. Compressors send refrigerant pressure through the correct coil while pumping the unit.

Maintaining window AC units

A little love will go far

Section 608 of the CAA (Clean Air Act) requires AC service to be performed by certified techs, although small maintenance tasks can keep your unit running optimally for years.

First, look at your filter. Old, dusty and possibly damaged filters will prevent clean air from being returned properly, if at all. Make sure you are either replacing or cleaning your filter during cold seasons, prior to putting away, and just before summer’s first use.

Next, vacuum dust and debris will build up inside your unit. You will open the front cover to expose much of this nastiness, which can also be cleaned with a foaming coil cleaner that can be found at major home improvement centers. Spray the cleaner evenly but sparingly across the coils while wiping away dust and grimy buildup.

Finally, if you are comfortable with charging your unit, many stores sell Freon kits for DIYers to handle recharging their home AC units. Note that this process is very detail-oriented and should not be performed by people skittish about working with tools and refrigerant. Also, check with local codes and laws, as some city ordinances make tinkering with Freon illegal unless you are licensed.

What if there is a deeper issue?

Make the call

HVAC professionals who have spent years studying and working on window air condition units are best suited for jobs that laypeople are not accustomed to undertaking. Imagine the expenses you will incur by constantly buying new units simply because you are unaware or unable to fix problems that these trained pros can. Tech can save you money and revive or improve your slow-working AC unit.

Any process that involves refrigerant, compressors, and the distribution of air should be handled professionally. If after cleaning your unit and replacing its filter, the air integrity is comparatively less than before, you will want to get the window air conditioning unit checked out immediately.

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