Regular Sewer Drain Maintenance Prevents Serious Problems


Proper sewer drain maintenance can help prevent expensive repairs and drain replacements. In fact, doing simple things like making sure only drain-friendly waste enters sewer lines can help keep problems at bay.

These at-home sewer drain maintenance tips will save you money and give you peace of mind.

#1. Keep grease and fat out of the drain

Never pour kitchen fats like bacon grease and other meat fats, butter or olive oil down the drain, as they solidify once they cool, leading to build-up within the sewer drains. Once the habit forms, it is easy to remember to scrape pots and pans with fat on them out in the yard or into the trashcan. If hot grease is being dumped into a trashcan, pour it into an old food jar or can first so it does not burn through the plastic trashcan liner.

Even when grease is poured down a drain and followed with hot water, it eventually hardens within the pipes, causing build-up. Under no circumstances is it okay to pour grease down the drain.

#2. Be careful with what is put down the garbage disposal

Garbage disposals are not for leftover food. They are made for small food scraps only. If a sink does not have a garbage disposal, make sure it has a metal mesh guard to catch food from falling into the drain. Even small food scraps can build up within a drain and cause blockages.

#3. Keep an eye on overgrown trees

Monitor the trees in the yard. If some seem to be growing quickly and are located near sewer lines, have sewer line and sewer drain maintenance and inspections performed regularly to ensure no roots grow into the lines. Root intrusion is one of the biggest causes of sewer line failure.

#4. Install a cover or grate over the drain

Make sure shower drains have a grate over them to catch hair and large pieces of broken soap. Hair build-up and soap scum within drains often lead to sewer drain clogs. Even with grates, some hair and soap scum may get into the drain, creating a slow drain. If this happens, try a little baking soda mixed with white vinegar to dissolve some of the debris and build-up. It is a safer alternative to chemical drain cleaners that often cause pipe issues in the long run.

Regular inspections and maintenance is important

If no inspection for maintenance has been performed in recent years, schedule sewer maintenance as soon as possible. Aging pipes are more susceptible to damage, including small issues like cracks and poorly sealed joints. The weaknesses often lead to bigger breaks and root growth into the pipes. Regular maintenance and inspections keep track of these issues and help the homeowner avoid expensive repairs by catching the problem while it is small.

Save time by hiring professional help

If slow drains develop and you believe there is a clog or build-up, try to avoid attempting to fix the problem yourself unless you absolutely know-how. In most cases, DIY tricks will not work and a plumber will need to be called, anyway. If you have questions regarding how to care for your sewer system properly or you realize it is time to schedule sewer drain maintenance, we can help.

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