Common Bathroom Issues That Require Plumbing Repair

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Most homeowners keep some basic tools handy to perform minor plumbing repairs. Usually, a slow drain or blocked toilet might require a little elbow grease or a plunger to put things in order. These minor repairs can easily be handled if you like undertaking DIY projects around the house. However, major bathroom issues require the attention of a professional.

Common bathroom plumbing issues

Low water pressure

If your water trickles instead of gushing when you open the faucet, your plumbing system has issues with water pressure. The problem may stem from the municipal water supply. However, it could be the result of the accumulation of sediments or deposits on the faucet aerators. The problem may be solved by cleaning your aerators and showerheads; otherwise, you may be dealing with a more complicated issue. If you cannot seem to pinpoint the reason for the drop in water pressure, contact a professional plumber immediately.

Running toilet

If your toilet is not flushing properly after use, you may need to replace the inner workings. Usually, toilets function if the flapper valve allows water to pass from the tank to the bowl. Most toilet models can be repaired with regular plumbing kits.

Leaky pipes

Leaks can be really annoying. While buying a new pipe is easy, the replacement process may get messy. Therefore, you should consider allowing a professional to handle this plumbing repair to prevent unnecessary damage. Before the plumber comes around, however, try to use leak tape and compression clamps to stop the leak temporarily.

Blocked drains

If the sink, tub, or toilet is not letting water out anymore, you are probably dealing with a total or partial clog. Most times, you can use a plunger to correct the problem, but it cannot eliminate the issue completely. Therefore, if you are constantly dealing with clogged drains, professional help maybe your best option.

Dripping faucets

The small trickle from your faucet can be irritating if you cannot find a way to stop it. It will also increase your water bill. Some sinks do not come installed with washers to restrict water flow effectively. Some are equipped with ceramic plates for a fitted seal.

Slow draining tub

Over time, hair can accumulate in the tub drain and slow down water that is draining away from the tub. Removing the debris may help, but you need to clear out the debris in the tub drain regularly, even if the tub is draining properly. Failure to do so may cause a complete drain clog.

Sewer odors

If you are perceiving an odor of sewer gas in your bathroom, you may be dealing with a damaged drainpipe, old toilet ring, dry shower trap, or clogged drain. Although there are quick DIY solutions for the problem, it is better to call a reputable plumber to detect the cause and solve the problem for good.


The best way to prevent costly plumbing repairs is to schedule regular maintenance. A comprehensive inspection is vital for detecting small problems before they worsen into major structural damages.

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