How Often is an Air Conditioning Service Required?

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It is important to have Air Conditioning Service completed regularly to ensure that serious complications do not develop and that your HVAC system will function properly. While, of course, it is essential to repair any damage to the HVAC unit, routine inspection and maintenance are also helpful in making sure that your AC unit is effective and parts do not wear down or break sooner than they are supposed to.

When to consider air-conditioning service

Everyone should have an understanding as to when an air-conditioning service is necessary. Unfortunately, all too many only call an HVAC professional when serious complications develop. However, in most cases, these issues could have been avoided through regular maintenance. The following is an overview of when air-conditioning service is either strongly recommended or required.

Annual routine maintenance

Most HVAC contractors recommend that home or business owners should have their AC unit serviced at least once per year, regardless of whether or not there are any issues that need repair. During a routine maintenance visit, the HVAC professional will conduct a thorough inspection of the entire AC unit, tighten any loose connections, check for leaks, change air filters if necessary and check refrigerant levels, along with making repairs to any damage they discover throughout the process.

When minor issues develop

Perhaps the most obvious time to call an HVAC professional for air-conditioning service is when there is an issue with the function of the AC unit. There are numerous potential complications, but the more common issues people experience include:

  • The air is not cool
  • The air is obstructed
  • Faulty thermostat
  • Water leak
  • Increased energy cost

An HVAC contractor can determine the underlying cause of the issue and work effectively and efficiently to address the concern and ensure the proper function of the AC unit.

Benefits of air-conditioning service

Although having an HVAC contractor come out may seem like a hassle, there are many benefits to air-conditioning service. Routine service especially can ensure proper functionality of the HVAC system long-term. The benefits many clients receive include keeping the home cool, saving money each month, having better air quality, and making their equipment last longer.

How the servicing process works

Each HVAC contractor has their own process, but each one typically starts with a complete inspection of the entire HVAC system. If the contractor finds any complications, then they recommend servicing and explains each task to the client. If the AC unit is in good condition, then there may be minor maintenance tasks performed to prevent issues from developing, such as changing the air filters, calibrating the thermostat, and cleaning the condenser.

Talk to an HVAC contractor about air-conditioning service

It is highly recommended that you have your HVAC system and air-conditioning serviced often to avoid issues from developing in the first place. If you are currently having any problems with your AC or need to schedule a routine maintenance visit, then get in touch with an HVAC contractor today for fast and effective service.

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