3 Ways a Sewer Inspection Can Save Future You


You need sewer inspections to save yourself from the nightmare that awaits you in the future.

Green sludge and dirty water were all over the bathroom floor. The kitchen sink filled up with water, and when future you tried to drain it with a plunger, strange stuff came through the drainage pipe. And then there was the toilet — future you cannot unsee that particular horror.

That is why the future version of yourself is sending you this urgent message: "Please, please — get regular sewer inspections and erase everything that I have been through." Not yet convinced? Here are some reasons why sewer inspections are so important.

1. Sewer inspections will find a root intrusion before it causes serious damage

Plantlife loves sewers. The moisture and nutrients found in wastewater are a siren call to the roots of all sorts of plants. Once roots detect moisture that has escaped from a small leak in a sewer pipe, they will grow towards the pipe and through the source of the leak.

Once inside the pipe, the hair-like roots will grow and become numerous and massive. In the end, the roots will block the sewer pipe. If left unchecked, the roots will destroy the sewer line.

The good news is that root intrusion can be managed with regular inspections. Once a plumber finds the roots, they will remove them from the pipes using an appropriate technique. The plumber will also seal any cracks and loose joints in the pipes.

2. An inspection will warn a person if a sewer line is on its last legs

Old age will kill almost anything, even sewer lines. This is especially true for sewer lines that were laid using Orangeburg sewer pipes. These pipes were made with a paper-like material, first because of the steel shortage of the Second World War, and later because the material was cheaper than steel.

When Orangeburg pipes give out, they can launch a tidal wave of massive water leaks inside and outside the house. However, when a plumber does a sewer inspection, they will advise their client to replace the Orangeburg pipes before they cause the sewer line to collapse.

3. Regular inspections will increase the lifespan of your sewer lines

Sewer inspections uncover small problems before they become big problems. As part of the inspection process, a plumber can fix any small faults they find in the sewer line. The sewer inspection is also the perfect opportunity for a plumber to do some preventative maintenance on the sewer.

Inspections keep the sewer lines in good shape for decades. In the long term, sewer inspections save money that would otherwise be spent on extensive repairs or sewer line replacement.

You go for medical and dental checkups. You take your car for servicing once it clocks a certain number of miles. Like your body and your car, a sewer line needs regular checkups, just to confirm that everything is fine.

Sewer inspections are a preventative measure that will save you money and the hassle of repairing a badly-damaged sewer line.

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