Plumbing Repair Basics Everyone Should Know

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While not everyone knows a thing about plumbing, everyone should know the basics because it can be beneficial to one’s life later on down the line. Plumbing repairs often arise in situations where a plumber or professional might not be available.

Plumbing repairs can be hard to handle especially if a person isn’t aware of how to deal with them. So, being aware of how to handle basic repairs can really help a person if they become stuck in a situation where they have to handle a repair.

Basic plumbing repairs


Toilets are often one of the biggest problems that people face when it comes to plumbing. Toilets get clogged easily and they experience a lot of problems because they are constantly having to work perfectly.

Toilets get clogged because non-flushable items are stuck or one may have an old first-generation toilet that may not be able to perform properly. The plumbing vent or toilet trap may be blocked which could cause clogging within the plumbing system. It’s important that these parts are able to properly have airflow through them, otherwise, they get stuck causing issues within the toilet. Be sure to regularly check them as the problem might just be a built-up waste.

Sewer pipes

Being aware of where the sewer pipes are can be extremely beneficial in case one were to burst or be damaged. The sewer pipes in most older homes are made from clay or cast-iron materials which often get worn down over time. Knowing what material a sewer pipe is made of and how it works will help a person if they need to replace or fix the one that they have.

Although the sewer pipes may not be the most pleasant to deal with, it is extremely crucial to inspect them in order to know how to properly replace or care for them over time.

Garbage disposal and drains

While most people may just throw anything down their kitchen drains or garbage disposals, it is actually best not to throw everything down them. There are certain things to avoid putting down the kitchen drain or disposals such as greases, coffee grounds, eggshells, and anything that is of a hard substance. These can all clog and damage the drain and disposal causing problems later on down the line. Over time, if these foods or waste products are built up within the drain or disposal, it could cause working problems or leakage.

Knowing a few basic plumbing repairs can help a person in the long run because plumbers are not always available on demand. Even if they are, they can be pricey and may make a person wait for a long time. Following a few simple steps can really help someone avoid problems further on down the line.

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