Residential Plumbing Services: What is Pipe Coating and Lining?

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Residential plumbing is very different than commercial plumbing, especially when it comes to pipe coating. Because most residential spaces are smaller, plumbing tends to be easier. Pipe coating and lining are both important in any building, but it is especially important in residential spaces because they are often people’s homes. Residential buildings require less frequent plumbing services because they don’t get as much use as commercial spaces. However, that doesn’t change the fact that routine pipe coating is necessary.

Residential plumbing: pipe coating and lining

Pipe coating and lining are essentially the same things. The purpose of both is to restore sewer and drain lines so that they are functional and effective.

What is the pipe coating?

After a few years, the pipes in a residential space will likely experience some wear and tear, or even blockages. Long-term, these could cause problems if they go unaddressed. However, pipe coating can help prevent damage to the pipes, as well as ensure that they work properly.

Pipe coating in a residential space is the practice of restoring the sewer and drain lines so that they function without any issues. A resin coating will be applied to the interior of the pipes through a rotating brush. The brush will coat the interior pipe walls, providing the pipes with a brand new layer of resin.

What is involved in the pipe coating process?

When pipe coating or lining a residential space, an experienced plumber will inspect and evaluate the home’s pipes to see what condition they are in. Sometimes, residential spaces have really great pipes, while other times there are a lot of blocks or obstructions in the way.

The inspection will involve the use of a camera that goes through the pipes and shows the plumber what they look like. This part is vital in ensuring that the pipes receive the care that they need. 

After the inspection, the plumber can clean the pipes out so that the resin from the coating or lining can properly adhere to the interior walls. This process doesn’t usually take long because the residential space is likely to be smaller.

Why have pipes coated

Whether you’re in a commercial or residential space, pipe coating and lining is of great importance because it allows the lines to work properly. Without coated pipes, the plumbing system is at risk of falling or experiencing serious issues that could cause a need for replacement. Having residential pipes coated and lined regularly will ensure that the drain and sewer system functions properly.

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