When to Call an HVAC Professional for Heating Repair

Heating Repair Abilene, TX

Any home or business owner who has had issues with their HVAC system knows just how frustrating it is to need heating repair services. Fortunately, an HVAC professional can quickly assess the issue, determine the cause for the problem, and provide fast and effective servicing to ensure your heating system works properly.

When to consider heating repair

In many instances, it is obvious when professional assistance is needed, such as the inability to heat the home during the winter. However, there are times when calling for help may not be as obvious. The following is an overview of when to call an HVAC professional for heating repair.

Annual routine servicing

It is helpful to have the heating system serviced once a year to try and prevent issues from developing in the first place. Since the heating is rarely used during the spring and summer months, many often do not realize they have an issue until they need it in the mid to late fall. Subsequently, consider having a professional inspection and heating repair during the early fall to ensure the heating is ready for use on a regular basis.

The heat does not work

Perhaps the main issue homeowners and businesses face with their HVAC system is one that does not heat the entire building properly. Little to no heat can be the result of a number of issues, including a dirty or damaged filter, issues with the furnace, or a problem with the thermostat. HVAC professionals know how to diagnose the problem and quickly fix it so that proper heat is restored promptly.

A leak in the HVAC unit

If there is a leak, then it is time to call an HVAC professional as it might lead to the release of carbon monoxide. It is also important to check the color of the furnace flame if the HVAC system burns fuel. The color of the flame should be blue, and any other color, particularly red, orange, green, yellow or purple, indicates a problem. If this is the case, then be sure to shut off the HVAC system until an HVAC professional provides a heating repair.

Strange noises are constant

An HVAC system that makes strange noises could be the result of a bad blower motor, although there is a variety of potential reasons for the strange noises. Anytime the HVAC system makes a squealing, screeching, rattling, or thumping noise, it is important to call an HVAC professional for servicing. While it may not have a direct impact on the function of the AC unit, it could be a sign that an issue is right around the corner and the damage may become worse if prompt service is not provided.

An HVAC professional can help with heating repair

If you need to have your heating system repaired, an HVAC professional can help you. Ask for heating repair services if your heating system does not work the way it should or have routine heating repair maintenance to try and prevent issues from developing in the first place.

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