5 Important Home HVAC Maintenance Tips

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Soon the hot summer months will be upon us, and people will be starting up their HVAC unit to try and beat the heat. After the winter, it is imperative to ensure that basic maintenance is checked and taken care of. Everyone can agree that there is nothing more miserable than a hot summer day when the air conditioner is not pumping out cool, refreshing air.

We are going to look at five crucial tips to keep your HVAC unit maintained and in the best working order for the months to come. For every homeowner, this should be a top priority when the summer months are just around the corner, to ensure that no issues have popped up during the colder winter.

In regards to HVAC units, there are a few essential parts that need to have regular maintenance to ensure it works and functions at the optimal level.

Five HVAC maintenance tips

Tip #1: Ensure that the evaporator coil is checked

The evaporator coil is the most critical part of a central air conditioner. This is the primary coil that cools the air that is pushed to various areas of the home. However, if this part is not in working order, there could be little or no cool air, which is something no one wants to feel on a hot summer day.

Tip #2: Clean and maintain the evaporator

This part of an HVAC unit is typically located above the heating furnace of the unit and is usually covered in insulation wrapped in foil. It is best to have an expert check to make sure that this part is in good working order.

Tip #3: Check the condenser unit

This part of an HVAC unit is critical for a central air conditioning unit to work correctly. The system and components are sealed, and that is the primary support in keeping an air conditioner functioning optimally.

Tip #4: Keep the air compressor clean

After the fall and winter months with leaves falling and higher winds, this can be an easy maintenance fix that goes a long way in keeping an air conditioner running at its best. Clean the outside of the compressor to ensure that no weeds, leaves, or other shrubbery have clogged and gotten in the way of the compressor.

Tip #5: Change the filters

One thing many homeowners forget about is the cleaning and replacing old air filters. Because of the buildup of dust and gunk, it can sometimes seem like the air conditioner is not working at all, when in fact, the filters only need to be cleaned and replaced. It is a cheap, easy fix that goes a long way during the hot summer months. This also helps in avoiding allergies and other sickness and germs from spreading.

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