When Should You Replace Bathroom Faucet?

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Do-it-yourselfers will remodel entire houses with little to no effort, but when it comes to replacing their bathroom faucet, they grimace at the thought of shopping for one, let alone changing it. When you have cranked your faucet handle beyond its capacity and water still trickles out or you have noticed an unsightly amount of erosion or rust settling on top of your sink, something should be done relatively soon.

Apart from updating the aesthetic appearance of your bathroom, here are other reasons to change out that old bathroom faucet.

Faucet leaks — badly

Here is why that happens

Bathrooms with single-handed faucets that control hot or cold water may notice unnecessary leaking from the faucet stem, which may create an improper mixing of hot and cold water. The same issue can happen in multi-handle faucet setups, which can be an easy $40 fix, although cartridges cost as much as $200 unless you have a fancy faucet for which the manufacturer usually supplies replacement cartridges.

The average lifespan of a lavatory faucet is usually at or under 10 years, meaning leaky stems could signal the beginning of the end for your faucet anyway, so you may as well replace it.

Another thing to consider is how often you are forced to replace bathroom faucet O-rings. More frequent changes could signal the need to update your bathroom faucet.

You are switching sink styles

Nice sinks deserve fancy faucets

Home improvement projects that involve moving away from an old bathroom style and updating to something more functional and modern may involve changing the sink. So, not only will you need to switch the style of faucet to match your sink’s profile, it may be required anyway if the new sink has been drilled for a multi-handle faucet.

You may entertain switching from a traditional sink to a washbowl, which means the faucet itself must be slightly taller. Or perhaps you want three or more sink basins and need faucets installed on all of them but are unsure what works, given the custom design of your sink.

It makes sense to invest in a nice faucet if you are spending an equally large amount on a new sink and cabinet assembly. Multiple brands give shoppers a wealth of options and competitive pricing.

Confused? Phone a pro

Plumbers can advise you

Bathroom faucets are getting more attention today than decades ago, especially with major home improvement stores pushing the narrative that everyone should be their own DIY professional. While it is nice to learn how to replace bathroom faucet assemblies, it is also a risky proposition if you are not accustomed to changing or removing stems or pulling out faucets altogether.

Changing out faucets could also mean running new copper or PVC pipe or moving the location of existing piping to meet the new demands of an updated bathroom.

If you are not home improvement savvy and believe it is time to replace your bathroom faucet, phoning a professional plumber will not only get the work done properly, it may also help you decide which faucet works best for your bathroom based on the amount of water flow and usage expected.

Has the time come to replace bathroom faucet parts, or do you want something new? There is an excellent plumber in Abilene who knows today’s hottest brands of faucets and can help streamline the replacement process. Call us today at (325) 225-4115 or learn more by visiting https://www.bevillstexas.com.