Sewer Blockages and Reliable Sewer Repair

reliable sewer repair Abilene, TX

Not many people spend their day thinking about residential sewer stoppage, also known as a good old-fashioned toilet clog until they have to. Instead of pulling out the tools yourself, what you really need is reliable sewer repair

What causes a sewer blockage?

A blocked sewer only leaves unpleasant memories of a foul stench and distasteful flooding, and it can be caused by many things. It could be broken pipes, debris, improper disposal of feminine hygiene products, or even tree roots. When this happens, the best thing to do is call a professional for reliable sewer repair. Whether inside or outside the home, sewage malfunctions can be a huge headache. There is not only removing the blockage itself but also cleaning up the mess. But Prodigy Plumbing has you covered with preventative measures to avoid the cleanup, as well as providing reliable sewer repair.

Preventative measures

Thankfully, you can avoid an ugly sewage outburst by taking preventative measures of sewer blockage and clogging. In order to prevent sewage issues, consider the following strategies from Prodigy Plumbing:

  1. Replace old pipes: Clay pipes that are breaking down can be one of the biggest causes for sewer stoppage because the plumbing itself is not running properly.
  2. Keep large roots away from plumbing: Trees and bushes with deep roots can strangle or disrupt your plumbing, causing anything from the occasional leak to constant breakdowns and clogging.
  3. Keep drains clear: Be smart about cleaning your drains and stoppers of unnecessary blockers like hair and soap scum. You can also throw in degradable enzymes that will help break down what is clogging your pipes.
  4. Do not flush toiletry products: Feminine hygiene products, wipes, and anything thicker than toilet paper are not meant to be flushed down the drain.

Reliable sewer repair

When your sewage is clogged or blocked, you need reliable sewage repair right away. Prodigy Plumbing can provide this with professional services:

  1. Sewer camera inspection: This is essentially a colonoscopy for your sewer. Our reliable, professional plumbers will send a camera down to the depths to see exactly what is going on and “diagnose” what repairs are needed. This is a great option if clogging and sewage backups are a constant problem.
  2. Hydro-jetting: Hydro-jetting a sewer line means taking an extremely powerful jet hose, similar to a pressure washer, and clearing out the pipes manually. This is a great option for everyday debris that is not easily removed by hand.
  3. Replacements: Often, it is a faulty part that is the culprit of clogging or sewer stoppage. Replacing a part once it is found is a quick solution to an enormous problem.

What you need to keep your sewer running smoothly

Prodigy Plumbers offers the services and professionals you need to keep your sewer and all plumbing in your home running smoothly. Do not be left with a moat of gunk mucking up your spirits. Call to schedule a service today!

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