Am I in Need of Commercial or Residential Plumbing?

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Some plumbing projects require the services of a commercial plumber, while residential plumbers are better suited for others. The plumbing systems on commercial and residential properties have a lot of similarities, but there are also some key differences like commercial systems being significantly larger and having to handle a larger workload.

The difference between commercial and residential plumbing

To make it easier for clients to figure out what type of plumbing services meet their needs, this article will explore the differences between residential and commercial plumbing.

1. Commercial plumbing

Commercial plumbers spend most of their time working in commercial spaces like warehouses, strip malls, office spaces, high-rise building,s, and hospitals. These professionals pretty much work on anything that is not a commercial property. Given how large many of these buildings are, these professionals often find themselves dealing with more complex plumbing systems and working with larger pipes, fittings, and fixtures. Working in a medical facility or hospital requires specialty immunizations. Plumbers are also required to have larger insurance policies that cover themselves and their employees.

2. Residential plumbing

Residential plumbers mostly work in townhouses, semi-detached units, and single-family homes. They also work on smaller condominiums and apartment complexes. Generally speaking, working on residential complexes is not as complicated as working on commercial properties. Many homeowners do not require their plumbers to have specialty documents, but some prefer to only work with licensed and insured plumbers.

Separating the two types of plumbers

The main difference between residential and commercial plumbing are the types of spaces the technician often finds themselves working in and the significantly more complex plumbing systems found in commercial properties. Here are some popular plumbing services and how they vary depending on the type of property being worked on.

1. Drain services

Clearing out a drain in a residential property is a simple process. The plumber uses an auger/snake to clear any obstacles in the drain. The biggest issues the plumber might run into when doing this are roots growing into the pipe or a broken line.

Clearing a drain is more complicated when dealing with commercial properties like a multi-story building. The plumber often has to go to all the units below to make sure the line is clear.

2. Water heater installation and maintenance

Residential heaters can be tankless or come with a traditional tank. The size of the heater does not necessarily complicate repairs. With commercial water heaters, the plumber needs to be familiar with all the specialty parts these come with and the recirculation pump.

3. Leak management

Finding leaks is not always easy on any type of property, but it is significantly tougher when dealing with commercial properties. It becomes a lot harder with commercial properties since there is a larger area to cover.

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