4 Tasks Performed During Air Conditioning Service

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Each air-conditioning service an HVAC contractor performs is different and specific. However, there are certain tasks that are more often than not performed during the process. It is helpful to understand what is involved during an air-conditioning service when determining whether or not it is right for you.

Routine air-conditioning service tasks

Air-conditioning service is a relatively broad term that could indicate anything from a routine inspection to repairing complex components of the AC unit. The following are four routine air-conditioning service tasks that are a part of an AC unit inspection and maintenance service.

Change the air filters

One of the first things an HVAC contractor will do during a maintenance visit is to check the air filters. If the air filters are dirty or damaged in any way, or if they are more than three months old, the contractor will replace them with new ones that are clean. When AC air filters become dirty, it can restrict airflow and compromise the air quality, which leads to a less comfortable and healthy environment and more expensive energy costs.

Calibrate the thermostat

Many people assume that if the AC unit does not work the way it should, it is the result of a malfunction with the unit itself. While this is often the case, the issue may also be with the thermostat. If the thermostat is not calculated properly, then it may shut off before it reaches the set temperature or it continues to run after reaching the set temperature. In more severe instances, it may cause the AC unit to stop working altogether. An HVAC contractor can calibrate the thermostat and ensure it works the way it should.

Ensure the proper refrigerant level

The refrigerant is the key to quality air-conditioning. It is essentially why the AC unit is capable of blowing out cold air. If there is a leak of refrigerant or there is not enough refrigerant, then the AC unit will likely blow air that is not cold enough to cool the building off properly. During a visit for air-conditioning service, an HVAC contractor can check the refrigerant level and add more if the level is too low. The contractor will also check for any leaks and fix the issue if one exists.

Clean the blower motor

The blower motor plays a vital role in the HVAC system. The primary role is to keep the condenser cool so that it can do its job in providing the necessary energy to the refrigerant to produce cold air properly. If the blower motor stops functioning properly, it can affect the quality of the air-conditioning, and it is essential to keep it clean.

Find out more from an HVAC professional

If you have any additional questions about how the air-conditioning service works, contact an HVAC professional. Then, schedule a time for the technician to come out and provide an inspection and air-conditioning service to ensure your system continues to run properly.

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