Ask a Plumber: When Is Internal Pipe Coating Necessary?

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Any knowledgeable plumber understands the importance of pipe coating in a private or commercial system. This intervention can have many benefits, including greater efficiency and effectiveness, as well as enhanced safety. If you are not familiar with how coating works and why and when it is essential, your plumber can provide the insight you need.

Wide range of services

One of the many nice things about using pipe coating is that a plumber can use it on a variety of systems. It is also useful in just about any facility for plumbing and water-delivery methods. Homeowners and building managers can ask a professional to apply the coating on pipes in apartments, residences, schools, stores, and office buildings. It is effective in HVAC systems as well. A plumber should have the knowledge and training necessary to assess the client’s needs and determine whether the coating will be helpful.

The process

Before a professional can apply any coating, the team must prepare the pipes. The crew will begin by draining the pipes and thoroughly drying them of any moisture. Next, the team will sandblast the pipes. This removes corrosion and other materials. It will also make the interior of the pipe a little rougher, which enables the epoxy coating to adhere to the surface. The epoxy is line applied, creating a firm barrier between the coating and the pipes.

What it does

As pipes age, they will suffer normal wear and tear. More concerning, corrosion and other harmful substances can build up in the pipes. These issues can make water unsanitary and may block the pipes, compromising the performance of HVAC and plumbing systems. Pipe coating can stand up to a wide temperature range. It will also protect the pipes from hazardous substances, including chemicals. The coating can also seal cracks and minimize friction.

Why it is important to use pipe coating

There are other reasons that people should coat pipes in their homes and buildings. This product can lengthen the lifespan of pipes, thus saving on replacement costs. As the years go by, pipes will weaken and deteriorate. Coating slows down this process. It also works on many different types of pipes, including lead, iron, copper, PVC, fiberglass, and concrete.

Environmentally friendly

People looking for a solution that will not harm the environment should choose epoxy coating. The coating works well with liquids and will not compromise the well-being of those who use the systems. The product has been thoroughly tested to make sure it is ecologically sound.

Rejuvenate your pipes today

If you have an old HVAC or plumbing system, pipe coating is an essential maintenance step. This product not only keeps water from becoming contaminated, but it will also strengthen the pipes themselves. This can give you and those who live or work in your home or building peace of mind. If you are ready to tackle this project, call a professional today, and get started. This approach is a wise decision now and for the long-term stability of your system.

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