HVAC: AC Repair vs. Replacement

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All too many people avoid having their HVAC serviced as they are unsure whether or not they need routine maintenance, an AC repair, or complete AC replacement. It is helpful to have more information as to how an HVAC professional determines if an AC unit needs to be replaced, repaired, or simply cleaned and maintained.

AC repair or replacement?

There are certain times when an AC repair is all that is required to address an HVAC concern, whereas in other instances properly solving the problem requires replacing certain parts. The following is an overview of the differences between an HVAC unit that needs repair or replacement.

The importance of HVAC maintenance

First and foremost, the proper way to maintain the function of an HVAC unit is through routine scheduled maintenance, regardless of whether an issue with the AC is present. During an HVAC maintenance trip, an HVAC professional can conduct a thorough examination of the AC unit, change filters, tighten loose connections, ensure there is a normal level of refrigerant, and various other maintenance tasks. Without HVAC maintenance, the risk of higher utility costs and a home that does not cool to the desired temperature is greater.

When is an AC repair necessary?

People should have AC maintenance performed at least once each year, but there are times when an AC repair is necessary. Perhaps the most obvious sign there is something wrong is if the home does not reach the temperature set on the thermostat, which could be the result of a number of complications. Individuals should also consider an AC repair if their energy bill is abnormally high each month or if there is a leak.

When is AC replacement necessary?

Most HVAC contractors do everything possible to keep the cost down for the client while ensuring the AC unit is serviced properly. Unfortunately, components of an AC unit do not last forever, and there are times when it is necessary to replace certain parts. Each part has its own expected life span, and individuals can get the most out of the HVAC parts through routine inspections and maintenance, along with repairing parts that are damaged or dirty when necessary.

How the inspection process works

One of the goals of the inspection process is to determine if a part that causes an issue only needs AC repair or requires complete replacement. In the inspection process, the HVAC contractor will check every aspect of the HVAC system, from the condenser to the thermostat. In instances where a replacement is recommended but a repair may also be an option, they can discuss the options with the client and outline how much each would cost both in the short term and long term.

Talk to an HVAC professional about AC repair

If you want to learn more about AC repair and other services, consult with an HVAC professional and schedule a time for an inspection. The HVAC professional will make sure to answer any questions you may have before the repairs begin.

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