4 Signs Your Office’s Plumbing Is in Need of Repairs

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As a general rule, the earlier commercial plumbing repairs are scheduled, the more likely it is to prevent a major catastrophe that can hinder the ability to run a business smoothly. As a business owner, it is up to you to ensure the plumbing systems at your location get the regular maintenance and repairs they need. Minor issues like a barely noticeable leak can lead to significant amounts of water damage when left unaddressed.

Signs commercial plumbing repair services are needed

Commercial plumbing systems often wear down faster than pipes in residential environments. Therefore, proper maintenance of plumbing systems becomes even more important when running a business. Keep an eye out for these common signs that indicate repairs are needed.

1. Low water pressure

How well water flows out of a faucet is a good way to determine if there is something wrong with a plumbing system. Low pressure typically leads to water trickling out. It can be caused by pipes clogged due to foreign objects or the buildup of deposits like limescale.

2. High water pressure

High water pressure usually leads to banging sounds coming from plumbing systems. While it is a better problem to have than low water pressure, it can cause significant damage to pipes. It reduces their lifespan and increases the need for repairs. High pressure can also damage important components of a plumbing system like a water heater.

3. Clogged pipes and backups

Clogged pipes are one of the worst plumbing issues the person who runs a commercial building may have to deal with. Many businesses must provide employees and clients with public bathrooms, and clogged pipes or backups can put these areas out of commission.

4. Expensive water bills

An unusually high water bill is often a sign there is an undetected plumbing issue. Leaks are typically the culprit since it can lead to lots of water being wasted. The problems do not stop there, though, since any water that drips out of a pipe can end up damaging other structures like ceiling and walls.

Water damage is not always easy to spot, especially if the leak occurs inside a wall. Symptoms of leaks include musty odors, spotting and stains. Anyone who notices any of these signs should call a plumber immediately so the area can be inspected. Failing to do so can lead to significantly higher plumbing repair bills.

Get the repairs needed before the problem turns into something worse

Getting timely plumbing inspections and repairs saves a business lot of money down the road. It also helps to prevent embarrassing moments that can leave potential clients with a bad first impression of the business. Regular plumbing maintenance allows business owners to avoid surprises by locating and repairing minor issues in a timely manner.  

If you have noticed any of the above signs, contact a professional plumber as sooner as possible. Getting fixes quickly is typically a cost-effective way to ensure all plumbing systems are working like they are supposed to.

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