HVAC: Furnace Services for Heating Repair

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Although each heating repair is different, there are certain services that HVAC contractors perform regularly. Learning more about these common services and how they are beneficial is often helpful. Furnace services play a key role in keeping the home warm during the cold winter months, which is why routine service is encouraged.

Common heating repair services

It is encouraged to have heating repair and maintenance completed at least once each year and to repair minor complications promptly. The following are four common tasks that HVAC professionals perform during a heating repair.

Detailed inspection

The first step for most HVAC professionals during heating repair is to conduct a detailed inspection, during which they closely examine every aspect of the HVAC system and look for any issues that may cause the heat not to work efficiently, potentially dangerous damage or leaks, and issues with the thermostat. While there are times where the issue is obvious, many minor complications are hard to detect, which is why it is helpful to schedule routine inspections with an HVAC contractor to ensure the heating system is effective.

Replace damaged filters

Air filters naturally become damaged and dirty over time, and it is encouraged to replace the air filters regularly. A dirty or damaged air filter restricts airflow throughout the home, which leads to the heat to run for longer periods of the day, rising energy costs, and putting more strain on the furnace. To avoid increased monthly payments and a shorter furnace life span, consider having the filters inspected and replaced regularly.

Fix a faulty thermostat

A heating system that does not heat the home to the desired temperature is a primary concern that leads many to call an HVAC technician. In many instances, the issue is with the furnace, filters, pilot light, or other piece of equipment. However, in certain cases, the issue is the result of a faulty thermostat. A thermostat that malfunctions could lead to the heat shutting off too soon, running even after the set temperature is reached, or causing the entire HVAC system to shut down entirely.

Furnace replacement

One of the main goals of annual HVAC inspections is to lengthen the life span of the furnace and other types of equipment. With proper maintenance, a home furnace can last for up to 30 years, and the average life span is beyond 15 years. However, the furnace may break down sooner than expected if it is not serviced on a regular basis. It is encouraged to have the furnace serviced each year to keep it functioning properly. If a replacement is required, then the HVAC contractor can discuss the options with the client, explain the cost and help the client make an informed decision.

Find out more from an HVAC contractor

To learn more about furnace services and the benefits of heating repair, get in touch with an HVAC contractor today. The technician can answer any questions you may have and schedule a time to come for an initial inspection and servicing recommendation.

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