3 Common Types of AC Repair

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Each AC repair task is different, and HVAC contractors tailor their services to meet the needs of each client. However, there are certain types of AC repairs that are more common than others, and it is helpful to have an idea as to what exactly will take place during an AC repair.

Common problems that require AC repair

The first step during a visit from an HVAC contractor is to do a thorough inspection of the entire HVAC unit. After this, the contractor will recommend AC repair services if necessary. The following is an overview of three of the more common types of AC repair an HVAC contractor is likely to perform.

Routine maintenance

The proper way to ensure an AC unit performs the way it should long-term is through routine maintenance. A common mistake made by many is only calling for professional assistance when there is a blatant and obvious problem with the HVAC unit. However, many minor complications often go undetected, and they will eventually develop into more serious complications if routine maintenance is not applied. It is encouraged to have the AC unit inspected and serviced at least once per year, regardless of whether or not an issue that affects function exists. Several of the more common tasks performed during routine AC maintenance includes inspecting the entire unit, addressing issues with the fan if necessary, and changing air filters.

Refrigerant leak

Another common task performed during an AC repair is addressing any leaks that exist, particularly that dealing with the leak of refrigerant. Refrigerant is essentially what makes air-conditioning possible in the first place, so needless to say, it is vital to the function of the AC unit. If a leak occurs, it requires a professional to go in, find the exact place where the leak occurs and fix it, and it is far more complex than simply adding more refrigerant. Also, it is possible to add too much refrigerant, and essential to have the right amount, so it is not something homeowners can do on their own.

Compressor issue

The compressor is responsible for providing energy to the refrigerant in order for it to cool the air and be released throughout the home. If the compressor is faulty, then the entire AC unit might not work the way it should, the air quality may become compromised and the amount of air that blows may become restricted. However, compressors usually go out slowly, which is why routine maintenance is important. The worse shape the compressor is in, the higher the risk of it going out completely and needing complete replacement. During an AC repair, an HVAC contractor can solve complications related to the AC compressor.

Talk to an HVAC contractor about AC repair

If your AC does not cool your home properly or there are any other issues with your HVAC system, then reach out to an HVAC contractor today and find out how your HVAC unit can be restored to proper function in a timely manner.

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