4 Common Problems That Require AC Repair

AC Repair Abilene, TX

While routine HVAC maintenance is strongly encouraged, there are certain times when AC repair is necessary. It is helpful to have an understanding of several of the more common AC complications that require fast and effective servicing to ensure the HVAC system works properly.

When an AC repair is necessary

Routine maintenance typically includes cleaning off the exterior HVAC unit, changing filters, and other quick and easy tasks. However, more serious complications require more extensive servicing. The following are four common issues that require AC repair from a licensed HVAC contractor.

Thermostat malfunction

Many assume that AC that does not work properly is caused by an issue with the HVAC system. However, in many instances, the cause of the AC malfunction is the thermostat. If the air continues to run after it reaches the set temperature or shuts off before the set temperature is reached, then there is a chance the thermostat needs servicing. There are even instances where a faulty thermostat may lead to the air shutting off altogether.

Faulty compressor

An AC compressor ensures the refrigerant receives the necessary energy so that the AC unit as a whole works properly. When a compressor is faulty, the air that enters the AC unit does not become cold, which means the air that goes through the vents is not cold enough to reach the desired temperature that is set on the thermostat.

AC water leak

Leaks are a more serious issue than many anticipate. All too many ignore a small drip caused by the AC unit until it eventually leads to water damage. Fortunately, an AC water leak is relatively easy to fix for HVAC contractors. They can effectively and efficiently find the source and cause for the leak and fix it.

Bad fan motor

The fan motor plays a vital role in keeping the condenser from overheating. If the fan motor no longer works, it can increase the risk of the condenser having complications eventually as well. Subsequently, it is important to contact an HVAC professional if the fan motor is not running the way it should, and it is also one of the first issues an HVAC contractor looks for during an AC repair.

Bonus: refrigerant issue

One last common complication that HVAC contractors deal with is a lack of refrigerant. Refrigerant is one of the most essential components, and it is responsible for making the air cool. The levels of refrigerant might naturally below, or it could be low due to a leak. HVAC professionals can quickly assess the issue and add more refrigerant while fixing the damage if necessary.

An HVAC contractor offers AC repair

HVAC professionals are knowledgeable about AC repair and know how to conduct a thorough inspection. They can ensure that any complications that exist are identified and properly serviced. If you are having issues with your air conditioning or it is time for your routine maintenance, then reach out to schedule an appointment for servicing of your AC unit.

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